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Our Firm is dedicated to exclusively fighting for employee rights in Arizona.


At Robinson Law Offices, we only take cases that we believe in so you can rest assured that you aren’t just a number - you are our priority.

Arizona Employment Attorneys with a Proven Track Record of Protecting Employee Rights. EFFECTIVE COUNSEL. FOCUSED STRATEGY. PROVEN RESULTS. 


Navigating employment issues like discrimination, wrongful termination, retaliation, unpaid wages and harassment can be confusing and overwhelming. It can be hard to know whether you have a legitimate claim, and this uncertainty can lead to dire, life-altering consequences.


At Robinson Law Offices, we’ve helped hundreds of Arizona workers hold their employer accountable for unlawful behavior, so we have realistic expectations of what it takes to be successful. When you work with us, we’ll help you get clear on your rights and make informed decisions. And if your employer fights back, we’ll advocate for your best interests every step of the way.


Whether you need representation at the EEOC, Department of Labor, or in state or federal court, we’re here to help. And we offer several fee arrangements - which means, depending on the case, there may be no fees unless we succeed. Contact us to speak with an attorney and we’ll help you get the justice you deserve.




Extremely grateful for the help Krista provided during a complicated separation involving a company that acquired my startup. Before contacting Krista I felt helpless and stressed dealing directly with a team of corporate lawyers. Krista helped me understand my rights, the leverage I had, and temper intimidation tactics being used. Krista did a great job on my behalf, negotiating terms that were much more equitable than originally proposed. I have high confidence in her skill and judgment and feel that she genuinely cares about her clients. I would definitely recommend Krista and team!

Pillars of Justice


Krista did a great job with my case, she was always informative and helped throughly explain what my options were from beginning to end. She was compassionate, always prompt to reply when I had questions, very thorough as there was a lot that went into my case. She focused on following the law and holding others accountable where my rights had been violated.



Krista is a very hard working, dedicated attorney, she was always honest and never misled me in any decisions that had to be made. I would recommend Krista for any wrongful termination issues. Krista is an excellent attorney and I would recommend to anyone. Thank you Krista for believing in me and finding the facts.

Justice Scale


After meeting with a few attorney's I was impressed with Krista and hired her to represent me in a retaliation case I had with a former employer. She was excellent throughout the process of communicating with me and I felt as if she always had my best interest at heart. Also, felt as if she was open to truly hearing my thoughts with regards to things while still recommending a course of action that she felt was best. Overall, was really happy with the outcome and would recommend Krista Robinson to anyone whom is in need of a great attorney.



Krista Robinson was great to work with when I had an issue with an employer. She was very responsive and knowledgeable. She explained things in a way that I could easily understand and was able to help me navigate my situation with great care. I have referred a couple of family members to Krista and definitely recommend anyone have a chat with her if they are having employment issues.

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